Ugens memes 2021 #2

Humor: Nordfront bringer denne uges meme.

  • Kommentarerne er modereret.. For at deltage i diskussionen – læs vore regler her.

  • Your meme picture saying, “I Surrender Without A Fight” implies that the US Armed Forces has accepted the new President as their commander in chief. There is no indication of this.

    MICHAEL JACO: “There are negative extraterrestrial [UFO] races. There is a war going on and in war you don’t reveal everything. We have two governments going on. We have the good government. Trump went to the winter White House.”
    youtube Project Camelot

  • Prince Frederik of Denmark has passed the Frogman course and I think he would be interested to learn what an ex-Navy SEAL, and lightworker, has to say.

    Michael K Jaco: “A lot of the stuff that we have been sharing has not come out as we expected. We are in a combat zone all around the world. There is a war that is going on against the Deep State. I believe that President Trump is still in charge.”

  • Now it is time for the Royal Family of Denmark to appreciate the good racial work that Nordfront Denmark does.

    Now it is time for Nordfront Denmark to appreciate the good national work that the Royal Family does.

    Let’s work together to become more spiritual so we can defeat the demons and their new world order. With Odin and Frigga on our side we will win our freedom. Let’s meditate up to God and Goddess and bring the spiritual light and energy down to Denmark.

    Lightworker: The light has won, the dark will be revealed.

    Krishnaism: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare.

    Odinism: Hail Odin and Hail Frigga.

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